Serge Kirchhofer at Alain Assedo Opticien

Serge Kirchhofer

In the history of eyewear, there was no company that had a greater influence on the industry than Wilhelm Anger’s company Optyl. Its own brands, Viennaline and Carrera dominated the eyewear world for decades. Its licensed brands Christian Dior, Dunhill, Playboy, Paloma Picasso and Christian Lacroix set new standards for innovation and beauty.

OPTYL's luxury brand, Serge Kirchhofer, was the personal playground of the creative director for Viennaline and Carrera; the controversial Udo Proksch. In his own words: "Serge Kirchhofer ist Udo" and even his passport carried the Serge Kirchhofer name. Described by Udo as a cross between Salvador Dali and Christian Dior, the collections were an inspired marriage of the surreal with the classic and his perfectionism touched every detail, from product to packaging and photography.