Our Vision

For 20 years, Alain Assedo Opticien has been dispensing visionary frames in the heart of Westmount’s Victoria Village. Fashion, function, superlative service and a cool point of view are the hallmarks of the shop on Sherbrooke St. W. Company founder Alain Assedo’s vision for fashion and design, as well as an inclination toward science, come together perfectly in the profession of optician. With his discerning eye, Alain has been a pioneer in bringing trend-setting frames to Montreal. While brand names like Céline, Chanel and Tom Ford are available, Alain is more focussed on discovering the most cutting-edge “créateurs de lunettes.” Among his finds: Anne & Valentin, Barton Perreira, Eyevan, Jacques Marie Mage, Kuboraum & Mykita, to name a few. Asked about the trend in eyeglasses, Alain replies that there is not just one look. He and his staff have their clients in view, defining and refining their image: “I look at a face and look for the positive features. I try to bring out a person’s best characteristics.”


Questions for Alain Assedo

What do you look for when shopping the international eyeglass collections? 

"I look for quality, style, originality.
I try to stay away from labels.
I don’t want frames to scream, 'Look at me! I’m cool'. 
There’s a fine line. You always want to stay elegant and classy."


How do you figure out the best fit for a customer?

"A frame has to enhance one's features.
You have an intimate relation with your frames. They’re on your face all day. It’s  a marriage. They not only reflect your physical traits but they can also say something about your personality. Fitting frames is an art."


How many pairs of glasses do you have?

‘I must have about a dozen pairs, with perhaps six in current rotation. I like the idea of a wardrobe of frames.’