Suprematism - The New Eyewear Collection by Ic! Berlin



The perfect frame is the one whose lines and proportions are in perfect harmony with the face. Reducing a frame to its basic geometric shapes – circles, squares, lines – highlights the close relationship between design and physiognomy.


In 2017 ic! berlin breaks eyewear design down to its foundations with a collection of eyewear inspired by the suprematism art movement of the early twentieth century.

Focusing on clear lines, fundamental geometric shapes and rich colours the Suprematism movement created art that is naked and pure, just like our sheetmetalglasses. Free from frills, from screws and from all that unnecessary gimmicky dead weight that has taken over fashion.

Wearable stainless steel art by ic! berlin. Wearable neoprene art by Berlin designer Susann Bosslau. The supremacy of pure artistic feeling. Achieve a higher state of geometric consciousness with ic! berlin suprematism

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 8.00.12 PM.png

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