International Vision Expo & Conference 2018


Last week was a special week for the Eyewear industry. International Vision Expo & Conference, one of the most popular exhibits showcasing both existing and upcoming brands, took place in New York during the week of March 12th, 2018. Brands from all around the world got together at the very famous Javits Centre to unveil their new collections.

After 20 years of attendance at this show, we asked Alain Assedo what his thoughts were on this year's production. This is what he said:  

" I've been going to this show for many years. It's always fascinating to once again see so many brands gathered at one venue for the same purpose. Eyewear fashion is a whole different world composed of so many different trends and cultures. That is what makes this fundamental show so fun and exciting because almost every year, something new and different is brought to the table". 

With so many brands under one roof, it is expected to see repetition in styles. That's why Alain is always on the lookout for unique frames.  His precise and meticulous selection throughout the years have created the roots of his Avant-Guard store in Montreal Quebec.

Meeting with brand representatives has always been a crucial part of Alain's experience at this show. Their opinions and advices as well as the work relations developed are deemed priceless.

Stay tuned for all of Alain Assedo's findings from the 2018 production!